Belle (Beauty and the Beast)


Before Belle opened in movie theaters in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, it took her 3 ? years to get ready! That's right. There were 600 different Disney Studio animators at work on the film for 3 ? years before it became the incredible film featuring Disney's princess, Belle.

Strong Women

Belle is a beautiful and strong woman on the screen, falling in love with someone who everyone else considers to be a beast. She is smart enough to look beyond the outer layer of scary looks and find the true heart of the prince she loves.

Behind the scenes, Disney's Beauty and the Beast is a landmark for women as well. This is the first long running feature film by Disney that was written by a woman! Her name is Linda Woolverton and critics and fans worldwide agree that she did a fantastic job.

Award Winning

Winning the heart of her prince isn't the only thing Belle won in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The design and development of the film was so incredible and ground breaking that Disney Studios animation department was given a Scientific and Technical Academy Award. Thanks to the Computer Animated Production System, animated films would never be the same after Belle debuted with its help in Beauty in the Beast.

Je t'aime La France!

Not only does Lumiere, the candle who befriends Belle at the mansion, speak with a French accent, but there are other French inspired aspects of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Even the style of the drawings are French. Inspired by Fragonard and Boucher, two painters from France, the design of the mansion inside and out as well as the food served at dinner and the music playing as it is prepared is all meant to evoke or make you think of the lovely French countryside. Even Belle's name is French. It means "beautiful".

Beauty Inside and Out

Belle is beautiful on the outside, but she's also beautiful and intelligent on the inside. She loves books and reads constantly the library in the mansion is her favorite place to be! So when she meets Gaston, who is also good looking on the outside, she isn't blind to his terribly arrogant personality. She knows right away that he isn't the person for her.

Belle's encounter with the Beast is another story. She isn't scared of his outward appearance, but he's rude, even mean and Belle doesn't trust him. When he shows her his softer side, his true nature, Belle learns about the curse and the prince within the beast. She teaches him that his inner beauty is much more important than his lack of outer beauty. Belle, possessing both, is certainly the princess to teach that lesson!

Enjoy Belle On DVD or VHS

Belle doesn't only appear in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. You may also see her in other features like Disney Princess: A Christmas of Enchantment, Disney Princess Stories Volume One: A Gift From the Heart, Beauty and the Beast The Enchanted Christmas, and Beauty and the Beast Belle's Magical World. Don't miss a minute of this sparkling Disney princess!