Pumpkins and Deer

Disney's Cinderella was one of the most successful of all films which debuted in 1950 and Disney's biggest success since Bambi. It made more than $4 million during its first release! With that much money, Cinderella won't have to turn pumpkins into carriages anymore. She can afford to buy a whole fleet of carriages with that kind of cash!

Lucifer, the Kitty

Disney Studio animators were having a difficult time coming up with the right look for the cat in Cinderella until Walt Disney himself came up with an answer! Ward Kimball, an animator at Disney, had a furry calico cat and when Walt Disney saw it, he pointed it out and said, ‘There's your Lucifer!' Now, Ward Kimball's kitty will be forever honored in one of Disney's most famous films.

The Truest Fairy Tale

The story of Disney princess Cinderella is one that has been told for centuries, but since Disney's Cinderella hit the screens in 1950, there has been no shortage of re-makes. Real life versions in every language, stage plays, movies and plays with alternate endings or different characters – Disney put princess Cinderella on the map! It's even a standard way of describing someone who comes from nothing and makes something of themselves – it's a Cinderella story!

Step Mothers and Step Sisters

When it comes to family, Cinderella's story remains as timely as ever. It's very common for parents to get divorced and re-marry, and getting used to living with someone new isn't always easy. Cinderella had a hard time with her step mother and step sisters, to say the least! Most kids will be happy to note that even if they have a hard time getting along with their step parents and step brothers and sisters, they're not nearly as bad as Cinderella's family!

Something Out of Nothing

Even though Cinderella wasn't allowed to buy a fancy, expensive dress, she and her mouse friends found things around the house and made a gorgeous dress for Cinderella to wear to the ball. Now, that's creativity! It's easy to make something new out of something old. Instead of throwing things away, it can be fun to figure out a new use for them. Cinderella made treasures out of trash!

Glass Slipper

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother made her a magic pair of glass slippers that fit her and her only. When the clock strikes midnight at the ball, Cinderella was in such a hurry to get away from the prince before her carriage turned back into a pumpkin and her dress turns back into rags, that she lost one of her glass slippers on the palace steps.

To find his mysterious dance partner, the sends his servant to try the slipper on the foot of every young unmarried girl in the kingdom. Does it fit any of them? Not one! Why? Because Cinderella's Fairy Godmother made them so that they were individual, just like Cinderella. Without her special individuality, the prince wouldn't have been able to find Cinderella. It was Cinderella's individuality and uniqueness that saved the day!